Projects by Georgio

On a daily base I'm working on many different kind of projects for myself and also within my own company.

These projects vary on a large scale, from just a website or mobile app to a complete and highly executive software system.


My own Company

This is my biggest project ever, my own company EasyGoDesign, which keeps growing day by day!

I'm working on a daily base on the software my company provides, which I created from the beginning with just my knowledge!

A lot of projects for clients at my company have previously been released, you are able to find most of them on my company website.


Cms Software

As I already mentioned I love to invent and create new software projects, that said I also made my own multi-functional CMS Software.

That's right, the website you're currently looking at is completely made by me, which can also be used by a large range of companies.

Since I love to share my own projects with others you'll also be able to use my software, visit my company EasyGoCMS for more details.


Dutch game portal

My own game portal was one of my first projects ever, which has grown to a large and frequently visited portal.

You can find the released and still expanding project named GameHonk at


More unnoticed Projects

These mentioned projects are just the tip of the iceberg since I've invented, created and released a lot more projects!

I might change this list in the future, showing you more and/or different kind of projects I worked on.

So feel free to visit my website again someday in the future!