It all started when I was a little kid receiving a Gameboy and ... ahh well, that's way too far in the past for this "biography".

On this page I will tell you what I'm working on and what I am aiming for in the future.


Starts with a passion

On a daily base I am working on discovering, innovating and admiring the new technologies.

Just as you probably already noticed when you visited this website and saw a different experience then you're probably expected.

This is the new "future" experience and the techniques which are happening in the background are my challanges.


Passion and Company

As far as my passion goes, my work does too!

Actually it is quite simple, my passion allowed me to create innovative things, which are usefull for others too..

That awakened the entrepreneur inside me to make the ideas, innovations and creations available for others.

Nowdays I am the CEO at my own company which is sharing my own inventions and creations!


Todays technology

The new "futuristic" technology inspires me to create my software and design today, while it is also already applied to the future.

Therefore is todays technology basically my present technology, since I am always attempting to stay one step ahead.


My life goal

My life goal is, as you probably already noticed, to "Work on Simplicity".

I believe that simplicity combined with complexity will result into a great and addictive software experience.

Simplicity will also make it possible for people to use the software even though they don't understand the complexity.

This reason is why I will always be working on the simplicity in my software, while the complexity of a system doesn't matter at all!